Hey Hey Tulsa is a brand new entertainment YouTube channel
and podcast experience created specifically for Tulsa.

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Hey Hey Tulsa is a brand new entertainment YouTube channel and podcast experience created specifically for Tulsa!

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About Us

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  • About Our Weirdness

    Hey Hey Tulsa is an internet entertainment experience with YouTube videos, vlogging, local celebrity interviews, podcasts, games, and so much more!

    Join your hosts, Mister Greene and Cynthia Silk as they stomp around, while they capture the coolest spots our city has to offer.

    From silly games and ridiculous sketches, to hitting the best restaurants and pubs, we keep up with what’s trending in Tulsa!

    Trends and Events

    Also… speaking of trends, we will be visiting events like the downtown First Friday Art Walk on a regular basis.

    We especially love to keep up with all of the new artists, bands, and musicians who never cease to amaze us!

    HHT already partied with everyone at Tulsa Tough and Cry Baby Hill, and we plan on doing so much more!

    Since Tulsa is quickly becoming the largest Oklahoma hot-spot, there’s always something new to see!

    Celebrities, Artists, and Musicians

    HHT is also going to bring you the best interviews with local celebrities, as well.

    From musicians like Annie Ellicott, to Jesse Aycock, and artists such as Chris Mantle, and Brooke GoLightly, we’ll be talking to all the creative people who make Tulsa so unique!

    With so many different talented and unique people, we’ll never run out of things to discuss!

    Videos, Podcasts, and Vlogging

    After watching altogether too many hours of videos from YouTubers and vloggers, we suddenly realized there isn’t a good source of internet entertainment focused on the ever-growing Tulsa area.

    So we decided to make it!

    Because we love this city, and how much it has grown!

    Our approach isn’t going to be about local news, or politics, though.

    We only want to bring you the best of what Tulsa has to offer, with an excited Hey Hey while we do it!

    So come join Hey Hey Tulsa for this brand new experience, as we document our fun, and bring you along with us!

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